Cypripedium - tibeticum Red


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two years or more out of flask

Tibeticum Red, young , 4 years ex vitro of our very strong and tolerant strain. Nevertheless the species needs a long time to reach flower size.

Our Red Tibeticums are an easy growing strain of tibeticum with very large striking flowers.

Never water Cypripedium in the evening, it can cause serious damage.

Only morning watering when soil and air is cool.


This very nice and big flower  " C. tibeticum RED" is  as an exeption as it is a very growable tibeticum type.

It originates from few survivers of a very big number of in vitro seedlings. We found out that the in vitro seedlings  this plant produces are again very easy growing, and have a very large survival rate,  unlike other C. tibeticums.

It survives EU maritime climate outside if well drained, and does not need that cool " summer " growing conditions as most tibeticums do.


Also see V in vitro seedlings of same parentage.

half mature

Exeptional third generation strain of our very easy growing Red Tibeticums.

They have very large nice red flowers and are very tollerant for EU growing conditions.

Also see V in vitro seedlings of same parentage.

Available sizes:

in vitro ( flask ) seedling seedling one or two years out of flask two years or more out of flask half mature mature