Cypripedium - out plant V seedlings


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in vitro ( flask ) seedling

Cypripedium vitro seedling out plant. Pictures show how you can do it successfully with styrofoam boxes. Put a piece of PVC-tube in the corner for watering from beneeth and pusch a whole  just one centimeter above the bottom to allow too much water to draine.First clean and treat seedlings with systemic fungicide Previcur or Carbendazine

As substrate you can use a variety of non organic substances such as pumice,  perlite,  stone ships, vermiculite, quartz etc... As organic we only use death sphagnum and sometimes very few fresh chainsaw dust plus living spagnum on top

Available sizes:

in vitro ( flask ) seedling seedling one or two years out of flask two years or more out of flask half mature mature