Paeonia - morisii/corsica


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two years or more out of flask

P morisii is a delightful and very resistant species One of the best for wild flower- or rock- garden on sunny to half shade spots on well drained soils in EU maritime Atlantic area, Spain to Scandinavia . Much hardier than P cambessedesii, and thus also suitable for mountanous EU. Under pressure of Mediterannean botanists we would agree to call P. corsica again P. morisii as P corsica has too many different features and is endemic to Corsica. According to Hong D Y both schould be Paeonia corsica, but we do not agree. Furthermore, P.  mascula russoi is same species. 

Available sizes:

in vitro ( flask ) seedling seedling one or two years out of flask two years or more out of flask half mature mature