Cypripedium - lichiangense


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in vitro ( flask ) seedling

Nicest 2- leaf species, not easy to grow.

Needs same conditions as fargesii, dry  winter, moist/wet underneath watering during summer,

It does not stand watering on top as long as leaves are not fully developed, July. Top layer of medium is preferable rather airy, dry and open. Roots go straight  down surching for humidity and minerals.

Price per piece very well developped in vitro seedling

half mature

Hardened 6 years ex vitro half mature plants, ready for grow out to flower size. Keep rather dry in winter and moist underneeth watering during growing season. No watering on top exept when hot days are expected, then only watering in early morning, never in afternoon or when sun is shining on leaves. Very loose airy compost as top layer containing pine needles beach leaves, Oak- Beech-wood saw dust, lime containing grid/ pumice very organic poor below.

Available sizes:

in vitro ( flask ) seedling seedling one or two years out of flask two years or more out of flask half mature mature