Cypripedium - calceolus


seedling one or two years out of flask

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seedling one or two years out of flask

Our native Cypripedium is not easy to grow over time. It needs a cold not interupted winter rest, and cool air in summer. We advice protection against winter rain. Seed origin, western EU, fairly adapted  to maritime climate.

Soils have to be alkaline clay with stone ships for drainage, and if possble in neighbourhood of Fagus and Pinus sylvestris.

For coastal regions we advice to grow Cypripedium calceolus x parviflorum wich is far more resistant .



in vitro ( flask ) seedling

For one tray of 15 to 20 pieces in vitro seedlings. Origin seeds of very tall mid. Eu. mainland motherplants. Flowers very dark maroon contrast with shiny yellow lips.

Available sizes:

in vitro ( flask ) seedling seedling one or two years out of flask two years or more out of flask half mature mature