Cypripedium - segawai


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One of the most endangered wild species. It needs our attention to grow and reproduce it,  so it can be safed for future.

Not too difficult to grow. It has a very long growing season, March to November, when it can not get frost.

The same as Cyp. formosanum, cold but no frost in growing season.  Likes mixes, slightly acidic with iron containing substrates, such as Seramis, red lava.

in vitro ( flask ) seedling

Very nice and well developped in Vitro young plants are offered at - euro per piece. Plants need other than most cypripedium a quartz/grit mix with sphagnum with some baked clay s.a.seramis as iron donor. It needs rather neutral pH, similar as for C. henryi.

Available sizes:

in vitro ( flask ) seedling seedling one or two years out of flask two years or more out of flask half mature mature