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Welcome to the Crustacare special plant and orchid site.

Please take note that our old mail address " keepalive@crustacare.be " is not operational any more You can always reach us on the new addresses; albiflorabe@gmail.com and preferable bspecialities@gmail.com for non orchid plants. Also see links to other divisions of Crustacare below this page.

Our new lists for fall/spring 2016/2017 will be available any day now in September, see link " order information " and click on the genus below the page to get price lists.

Although a customer can reserve plants from this moment, we only start shipping Hardy orchids in October, Peonies at this very moment.

Our mean purpose is supplying a wide range of unusual and rare plants, orchids in particular, for the specialized private collector, botanical gardens, wild orchid gardens and breeding programs for nature support. Although we have a few wholesalers as customer, we do not concentrate on producing large numbers of so called easier growing hardy orchids, most hybrids.

Even when an adult terrestrial orchid sometimes does not depend on partial feeding by one or more funguses, we do beleive that the orchids need fungus connection(s) for resistance against disease, a kind of anti- body. Except our in vitro seedlings, all of our orchids have a fungus attachment.   

Botanical Peonies for this sales season, are available now !!!!

We will expand our offer with much more non orchid botanical treasures such as  Peonies, Paris... at the start of our season 2016/2017.   Depending on the results of the artificial propagation, the offer will change constantly over time, and the offers will often have limited numbers. For this reason customers can sign in for reservations during the off season at email; bspecialities@gmail.com

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